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          日期:2020-04-09   來源:http://www.yjzpsnyang.com/
            First, reduce unnecessary power loss.
            1. 正確使用和保護排氣管及消聲器,包括定期清除消聲器上的焦炭,及時修復損壞的消聲器,不需要將排氣管向前安裝,不需要自制細度及長排氣管等。
            1. Correctly use and protect the exhaust pipe and muffler, including removing the coke on the muffler regularly, repairing the damaged muffler in time, no need to install the exhaust pipe forward, no need to self-made fineness and long exhaust pipe, etc.
            2. 保持挖掘機行走系統處于良好狀態。
            2. Keep the excavator traveling system in good condition.
            3. Strengthen the protection and maintenance of the excavator braking system, especially prevent the small excavator from braking "stagnation" and fire, that is, the brake friction plate contacts the brake drum in a non braking state.
            4. 當動力轉向機車急轉彎時,轉向到限位后,將方向盤稍微松開,使配電閥滑閥回到空擋位置。
            4. When the power steering locomotive makes a sharp turn, turn to the limit position, loosen the steering wheel slightly, and make the distribution valve slide valve return to the neutral position.

            Second, saving and unnecessary fuel consumption.
            1. 潤滑油只能加到發動機油底殼內,傳動裝置不得超過油位的上切線;在車輪上加滿潤滑油只能達到一半到三分之二的空間,如果油太滿,不僅浪費了潤滑油,而且增加了相關部件的阻力,增加了發動機的動力損耗。
            1. The lubricating oil can only be added to the engine oil pan, and the transmission device shall not exceed the upper tangent line of the oil level; filling the wheel with lubricating oil can only reach half to two thirds of the space. If the oil is too full, not only the lubricating oil is wasted, but also the resistance of relevant parts is increased, and the power loss of the engine is increased.
            2. 根據不同工況,合理使用節流閥是保證機車正常運行的必要條件,也是節約能源的重要措施。例如:
            2. According to different working conditions, reasonable use of throttle valve is the necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of locomotive, and also an important measure to save energy. For example:
            When the excavator engine starts, first turn the crankshaft several times, and then start in the middle.
            When the excavator is started, if the restart of the engine is very fuel consuming, increase the throttle appropriately to prevent the engine from stalling.

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